Eve Flack

CrossFit Coleraine

Eve Flack

Eve is our General Manager, she is also in charge of our Healthy Eating Programme.

5 years of experience as an aerobic instructor, 11 years CrossFit coaching experience, plus her CrossFit Level 2 qualification, all contributing towards Eve’s goals: improving the health and lifestyle of people of all ages and capabilities.

Eve is able to fulfil this passion by drawing upon knowledge acquired through her science degree, enabling her to utilise her knowledge on sports psychology, obesity, nutrition and biology in order to help a broad spectrum of people.

Eve is a keen competitor in local competitions including reaching quarterfinal stage in the CrossFit open.

Best know in the gym for loving a hspu and hating a lunge!

If you would like to have a chat about what we could do for you call us on 07971812186 or email eve.flack@gmail.com