Eve’s Zone Account

CrossFit Coleraine

Eves week by week ZONE account

5 days a week typically 2 strength sessions and a workout
Or 2 workouts and 1 strength session
1 active recovery day
1 complete rest day
As well as this I would consider my job to be very active, coaching and demoing movements on and off throughout the day.

Lost 1kg
Had a couple of days feeling really hungry, day 3 day 6
Ate on average 14 BLOCKS a day
Least 12, most was 16
Ate 5 meals

Didn’t loose anything, but into a great routine
Ate on average 13 blocks a day.. Seemed to work better. Less hungry.
Stuck with 5 meals a day

Couple of days in had 1 day off due to a birthday celebration, decided not to weigh in this week.
Found it hard to get back into the swing of things and wonder if it was worth a bit of carrot cake!
Next day decided to introduce a 10hr window, did this for about 3 days to help get back on track, got a strict press pb!
Ate on average 14 Blocks a day
5 meals a day

officially declared a disaster ….
A funeral, CrossFit night out and Mother’s Day I felt I lurched from one social occasion to another!!! No chocolate but enough carbs to see me through next week as well as this!!

Week 5 and Week 6

Got back on track at last! Went well with an average of 14 blocks a day and training went really well which I always put down to good food and enough sleep. In a great routine and have just got on with it.

Week 7
Struggled to write everything down as felt I was loosing momentum as I knew it was coming to an end. But didn’t really do anything wrong either.