Home Gym

Strength Week 3.
Bench press. 10 @ 60%. 10 @ 65%. 8 @ 70%. 8 @ 75%.
Rest as needed b/t sets.

5 sets. 3min Amrap.
5 Shoulder to overhead 52.5/35kg.
7 Hand release push up.
9 Box jump step down 24/20.
Rest 60sec b/t Amraps.

3 sets
A1. 10-15 Barbell pronated bicep curls.
Rest 60sec.
A2. 10-15 Overhead tricep extensions.
Rest 60sec.

Home Workouts.
Minimal & No equipment.

Warm up.
3 sets.
5 Plank to Down dog.
10/leg Staggered stance toe touch.
5 Broad jump.

Minimal equipment.
10min omem 3 Strict press @ 55-65% of max.
If no barbell. Perform Strict handstand push up (Increase reps from last week).

5-6 sets.
90sec complete 15/arm Single arm Shoulder to overhead (Scale reps if needed).
Amrap in remaining time
1 Straight leg sit up + Tuck up + Alt Single leg V up.
Rest 30sec b/t sets.

No equipment.
10min omem Strict handstand push up (Increase reps from last week). Scale as needed.

As above. Sub DBS/KB with Odd object.