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CrossFit Coleraine

Today’s WOD 19/1/20

Week 3. FBB.
3 sets. A1.
Alt DB Bench press (Top Down) at Tempo 30X0 4-6/arm.
Rest 60sec.
A2. 10 Ring rows at Tempo 2020.
Rest 60sec.
A3. Single DB RDL’s 6-8/leg at Tempo 20X1.
Rest 60sec.

12min Grinder.
10 Toes to rings.
50 DU/SU.
2 Wall walks.
50m/arm DB Farmers carry.

Today’s WOD 17/1/20

Week 2. Push/Pull Superset.
A1. Strict press 3,3,3,3.
Rest 60sec. (Increase loads from last week).
A2. 4 sets 5-8 reps Supinated grip Strict CTB.
Rest 90sec. (Increase reps/weight).
Scaled: Strict pull up. Banded. Chin over bar hold (Weighted).

8min Amrap
2 Shspu + 4 Khspu.
8 Pull up.
10 Alt Dual DB Box step up.

See whiteboard for Fitness/Scaled/RX

Today’s WOD 16/1/20


Warm up. 5min Row/Bike.

Rest 3min.

A. 12min Max Cal row.
Starting at 0.00 & E3M complete
5 DB Burpee (No push up).
30sec Ironman hold.

Rest 4min.

B. 12min Max Cal bike.
Starting at 0.00 & E3M complete
5 KB Deck squats.
30sec Hollow hold.

Today’s WOD 15/1/20

Week 2. Weightlifting.
Snatch cluster 7 x 1.1.1 (15sec) Rest 2min.
Start at 50% and build.

4-6 sets. Intervals. 60sec Work/2min Rest.
60sec complete
8 Hang power snatch.
8 Ohs.
Remaining time Amrap DU/SU/MC.

See whiteboard for Fitness/Scaled/RX.

Today’s WOD 14/1/20

Week 2. Push/Pull Superset
3 sets.
A1. Feet elevated Ring push up 10-15 (Increase reps/loads from last week).
Rest 60sec.
A2. Pendlay row AFAP 4-6 reps (Increase loads from last week). Rest 60sec.

Conditioning (Teams of 2)
20min Amrap.
20 Cal.
20 Hrpu.
20 Power Clean.
20 Ab mat sit up.

See whiteboard for Fitness/Scaled/RX/RX+

Today’s WOD 13/1/20

Strength. Week 2.
A. 1 1/4 Back squat
15min Build to heavy 3.

B. 3 sets 8-10 BB Glute bridge (20X1).
Rest 60sec

7min Amrap.
10 Box jump.

See whiteboard for Fitness/Scaled/RX/RX+

Today’s WOD 12/1/20

Week 2. FBB
3 sets.
A1. SA DB Bench press 4-6/arm.
Rest 60sec.
A2. SA DB Bent over row 4-6/arm.
Rest 60sec.
A3. SA KB Crossbody RDL’s 4-6/arm.
Rest 60sec.

15min Amrap.
250m Row (0.5km AAB).
50m/side Filly carry.
5 D-ball to tall box 46″/40″.

Today’s WOD 10/1/20

Strength Week 1.
A1. Strict press 5,5,5,5.
Rest 60sec.
A2. Supinated grip Strict CTB 5-8 x 4.
(Weighted if doable).
Rest 90sec.
(Scaled: Strict pull up. Banded. Chin over bar hold).

4 sets. 2min Work/2min Rest.
15/10 Cal row (10/7 Cal AAB).
5 BBJO (No push up) 30/24.
Remaining time Amrap
Hang Power cluster.

See whiteboard for Fitness/Scaled/RX/RX+

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