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CrossFit Coleraine

Today’s WOD 21/10/20

Warm up.
2 sets
5/side Thread the needle/T-spine rotation.

5 RDL’s.

5 Muscle clean.

5 Rocket jumps

CF games Annie (15min Time cap).
Double Unders (Single unders x 2).
Ab mat sit up.
5-4-3-2-1 Clean (Any style).
RX+ 105/70kg.
RX 85/60kg.
SC 60/40kg.
(BB weight approx 80% of max).

Accessory (Quality movement).
2 sets.
B1. 8/leg DB/KB Crossbody RDL’s @ tempo 30X1.

Rest 60sec.

B2. 5/leg Goblet hold Cossack squat @ tempo 31X1.

Rest 60sec.

B3. 20sec/side Side plank reach through.

Rest 60sec.

Today’s WOD 20/10/20

Warm up.

3 sets.

10 Alternating Child pose shoulder flexion.

5-10 Push up to Down dog.

30sec Hollow hold (Scale to Single leg or Bent knee).

Gymnastics. Week 4.

*Strict handstand push.

3-4 sets 5 reps Strict handstand push up.

Rest 2.30-3min b/t sets.

Adv: Add deficit.

Int: Shspu or Shortened Range of motion (Ab mat)

Beg: Negatives or Pike position push up off box.


20min omem (Choose machine).

Min 1-4. 30sec Amrap calories.

Min 5-8. 35sec Amrap calories.

Min 9-12. 40sec Amrap calories.

Min 13-16. 45sec Amrap calories.

Min 17-20. 50sec Amrap calories.

Goal is to accumulate as many calories as possible.

*Alternative option is 3-4 sets 5 reps Barbell strict pre

Today’s WOD 19/10/20

Warm up

3 sets.

5/side Greatest stretch.

5 Prisoner Kang squats.

45sec Plank reaches.

Strength. Week 5. (20min)

Back squat

3 sets 6 reps @ 80-83%.

Rest 2.30-3min b/t sets.


7min Ascending ladder

2 KB swing.

2 Box jump overs 24/20 (Scale height or peform box step overs).

Add 2 reps each rd.

KB weight: RX+ 32/24kg. RX 24/16kg SC 20/12kg.

Choose a weight thats challenging but still able to maintain good form.

This is a good workout to try progressing to the next weight.

Saturday Session 17/10/20

Warm up.
9min on the minute every minute.
1. 30sec Inch worm to Down dog.
2. 30sec Curtsy squats.
3. 15sec/side Side plank.

A. 10min Amrap.
200m Row/Ski (400m Bike).
20 DB Snatch 22.5/15kg (Switch hands every 5 reps).
10 Single arm Overhead reverse lunge (Alternating).

Rest 5min.
Clean equipment and set up for workout.

B. 10min Amrap.
8 No push up Down/Up.
16 Barbell Thrusters 20/15kg.
32 Double unders.

Clean equipment.

Cool down.
60sec/side Pigeon pose.
60sec/side Twisted cross.

Saturday Session 10/10/20

Socially distanced Teams of 2.

A. 12min.

Buy in: 200 Double under.

Remaining time Ascending ladder

Power clean.

V up.

2,4,6 etc.

Rest 3min.

B. 12min.

Buy in 200 Double unders.

Remaining time Amrap

5 Push press.

10 Deadlift.

15 Box jump step down.

See whiteboard for RX. Scaled.

Today’s WOD 9/10/20

Strength. Week 3.

3 sets.

A1. 8 Floor press.

A2. 8/arm Lateral ring row.



50 Wall ball.

40 DB snatch (5/arm).

30 Chest to bar.

20 Alt single arm DB Manmakers.

See whiteboard for RX. Scaled.

Today’s WOD 7/10/20

Weightlifting. Week 3.

10min omem

3-4 Touch & Go Power clean @ 60-70%.


10min Grinder.

Buy in: 30 KB Box step overs 24/20.

Remaining time Amrap

16 Alt Goblet hold reverse lunge.

6/arm Sumo deadlift.

4/arm Hang power clean.

See whiteboard for RX+. RX. Scaled.

Today’s WOD 6/10/20

Gymnastics. Week 2.

Strict handstand push up progressions.


20min broken Amrap.

2min work/30sec rest.

40 Double unders.

5/arm DB Split jerk.

5-8 Toes to bar.

See whiteboard for RX+. RX. Scaled.

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