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CrossFit Coleraine

Today’s WOD 21/11/19


4min easy Row or AAB.

Rest 2min.

A. 10min max distance row.
On every 2min complete 12 Med ball cleans 9/6kg.

Rest 2min.

B. 10min max distance AAB.
On every 2min complete.
3-5 DB Devil’s press.

4min easy Row or AAB.

Today’s WOD 20/11/19

Strength. Week 1 (Repetition method).
A. Push press @ tempo 20X1. 3×10
B. Strict pull up 3×10

12min omem.
1. 10-15 unbroken T2B.
2. 10-15 Hrpu.
3. 40-60 Double unders.

See whiteboard for Scaled/RX

Today’s WOD 19/11/19

Strength. Week 1 (Repetition method).
A. Sumo deadlift 3×10
B. Goblet cyclist squat 3×10

6min ladder
2,4,6… Add 2 reps each rd.

See whiteboard for Scaled/RX/RX+/Fitness.

Today’s WOD 18/11/19

Midline strength. Week 1.

3 rounds
A1. 20 V up/Tuck up/Ab mat sit up.
Rest 30sec.
A2. 30sec/side Side plank.
Rest 30sec.
A3. 30 Crossbody K2E plank.
Rest 30sec.

3 sets. 5min work/3min Rest.
400m Run (500m/400m Row. 1km/0.8km AAB).
In remaining time Amrap
5/arm Hang DB C&J.
5 Lateral burpee over DB.
10 Air squat.

See whiteboard for Scaled/RX/RX+

Today’s WOD 15/11/19


Power clean complex.
8 sets. On every 90sec
1 hang + 1 low hang + 1 floor

Conditioning. Inspired by Colly
15 Thrusters
15 Lateral bar jump burpee
200m Run

See whiteboard for Fitness/Scaled/RX

Today’s WOD 14/11/19


2 rounds (20min).
2min Row.
Rest 30sec.
2min Amrap 10 SDLHP 35/25kg. 10 Ab mat sit up.
Rest 30sec.
2min AAB.
Rest 30sec.
2min Amrap 5 DB Burpee. 10 DB Reverse lunge (Suitcase hold). Rest 30sec.

Today’s WOD 13/11/19

Snatch complex
1 Power snatch + 2 Hang snatch

8 sets. On every 90sec build to tough weight.

Conditioning (Courtesey of She Bond Laverty)
10min Amrap
12 Alt DB snatch
12 Alt DB C&SJ
8 Hspu

See whiteboard for Fitness/Scaled/RX/RX+

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